20th October 1963, Magelang, Central Java.


graduated in 1987 from the Faculty of Indonesian Language and Literature,

Sanata Dharma Teachers College (now University), Yogyakarta, Central Java.


Married with Damtoz Andreas (artist) and two daughters,

Regina Redaning and Sabina Kencana Arimanintan.

Currently resides in a small town in Magelang, Central Java.


PO Box 279, Magelang, Central Java 56101, Indonesia.

Phone: 62-293-327290. Email:

Books :

The Noisy Songs / Nyanyian Gaduh,, Puisi Tunggal, Jogja, 1987. volume of poetry.
The Sun Flows Like A River  / Matahari Yang Mengalir, Nusa Indah, Flores, 1990. volume of poetry.
The Lonely Cocoon /  Kepompong Sunyi,  Balai Pustaka, Jakarta, 1993. volume of poetry.
Married To The Grass / Nikah Ilalang, Pustaka Nusatama, Jogja, 1995, second edition: Indonesiatera , Magelang, 2003.  volume of poetry.
Dreams Of Falling Olive Leaves / Mimpi Gugur Daun Zaitun, Gramedia Widia Sarana, Jakarta, 1999. volume of poetry.
Kill The Radio / Sebuah Radio Kumatikan, English-Indonesian version, Indonesiatera , Magelang, 2001. volume of poetry.
Kill The Radio, Arc Publication, London, The United Kingdom, 2007.  volume of poetry.
The Time’s Killer / Para Pembunuh Waktu, Bentang Budaya, Jogja, 2002. volume of poetry.
Life Sentences, selected poetry in English,  Indonesiatera, Magelang,  2004. volume of poetry.
Santa Rosa, Indonesiatera, Magelang, August 2005, second edition:  Indonesia Tera, Jogja, November 2006. volume of poetry.
Oil Lamp / Blencong, Balai Pustaka, Jakarta, 1995. short story antology.
Carricatures and Slice of Love / Karikatur dan Sepotong Cinta, Indonesiatera, Magelang, 1996. short story antology.
The Woman Who Waiting / Perempuan Yang Menunggu, Indonesiatera, Magelang, 2000, second edition: 2003. short story antology.
Love Is Not Coming in Any Places / Cinta Tak Tumbuh di Sembarang Tempat (Indonesiatera, Magelang), 2005. short story anthology.
Dipo The Sculptor  / Dipo Si Pematung Batu, Jenar Melati Wangi, Jakarta, 1997. children stories.
 A Medal For The Brave / Medali Buat Sang Pemberani,  Gema Windu Pancakarsa, Jakarta, 1994. children stories.
Stories Along The River / Cerita Sepanjang Sungai,  unknown publisher, Jakarta, 1996. children stories.
An Elegy For Wesa / Elegi Bagi Wesa, unknown publisher, Jakarta. teenager stories.
Folklore of Kedu Region / Cerita Rakyat Kedu, Gramedia Widia Sarana, Jakarta, 2003. 
Tale Story of All Around Indonesia, From Aceh to Papua / Cerita Rakyat 33 Propinsi: Dari Aceh Sampai Papua, Indonesia Tera, Jogja, first edition, December 2006, second edition: June 2007, third edition: September 2007, fourth edition: November 2007, fifth edition: May 2008).

Other publications:   

Solidarity (The Philipine, 1990)
Heat (Australia, 1999)
Rantau (Australian-Indonesian Journal (2000)
The Age (Australia, 2001) 
The Examiner (Australia, 2000)
Secret Needs Words (USA)
Orientierungen (Germany)
Archipel (Netherlands, 2002)
Generation Asia (Australia, 2002)
Building A New Book Road (Japan: 2003, and Korean: 2004)
Van Hoc Nuoc Ngoai (Vietnamese, 2004).
The Seattle Review (Seattle, USA, vol. XXVII, 2005)
TERRA A bilingual anthology from Wordstorm (2007)
ASIA, magazine of Asian Literature (vol 2 no 2 Summer 2007)
Language for a New Century: Contemporary Poetry from The Middle East, Asia and Beyond. (W & W Norton Company, New York, London, 2008).
Words Without Borders: The Online Magazine for International Literature, 2009.

Honors and Award:

 Minister of Environment Award for best Environmental (1994)
Literature Award from Central Java Indonesian Journalist Association (1995)
Art Award from District Government Magelang (1995)
Best Poetry of “Mimpi Gugur Daun Zaitun”, from Jakarta Art Council, Indonesia (2000).
Five Top of The Khatulistiwa Literary Award for “Kill The Radio”, 2003.
The Best Writer from Indonesian Language Center (2003).
Art Award from the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Indonesia (2004).
The Khatulistiwa Literary Award for “Santa Rosa” (2006).

Career :  

a freelance writer in “Sinar Harapan” daily (1983-1984).
a correspondent “Suara Pembaruan” daily (1986-1990)
teacher at SMA Gama Jogya (1984-1987)
a journalist in “Prospek” magazine (1990-1993)
a correspondent in “Sarinah” woman magazine (1993-1994)
general manager “Kolong Budaya” culture journal (1995-1997, 2001-2005)
vice general manager “Matabaca” book magazine (2002 – 2005) 
one of 7 Commitee of Culture Indonesian Curators  (2003-2004)
one of 3 Consultants of National Book Fair in Aceh Nangroe Darussalam (2007).
A founder (with Andreas Darmanto) and Director of “Indonesia Tera Foundation” (2000 – 2006)
A chief editor of ”Indonesia Tera publishing company” (2007-2008).
Proffesional experiences:  

South East Asia Writers Conference in Quezon City, Philippines (1990)
Indie Festival, Den Haag, Netherland (1995)
Indie Festival, Den Haag, Netherland (1995)
Writer in Residence in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Launceston/Tasmania, supported by La Trobe University dan Asialink, Australia (August, September, October, 2000).
The Japan Foundation Study Tour Program For Publisher Group, supported by Japan Foundation  (November 2001).
Winternachten Festival, Netherlands (January 2002).
Indonesian-Germany Literary Congress, University of Hamburg, Germany (January 2002).
Translation Program Indonesia-Germany, University of Bonn, Germany  (January 2002).
Köln Cultural Community, Koln, Germany (January 2002)
Brisbane Writers Festival, and writer in Residence in di Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra dan Hobart/Tasmania, Australia (September, October 2002)
Weltklang Poesie, in Berlin, Germany (July 2003)
Frankfurt Book Fair, di Frankfurt, (October 2003)
YunaniIndonesia Archipelago, on The Spirit of Olympic Games (Yunani, 2003)
Wordstorm, 2004 Northern Territory Writers’ Festival , in Darwin, Australia. (May, 2004)
one of organizer and an Indonesian coordinator in the First of Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (October 2004).
The US Government’s International Program, (Washington DC, New York, Columbus, Ohio, Iowa, Seattle, October-November 2004).
APWN (Asia and Pacific Writers Network) in Melbourne (September 2005).
TUK International Bienalle Festival di Borobudur (2007).
Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (2007)
Dubai International Poetry Festival, UEA (March, 2009).
grantee of Heinrich Böll Stiftung, at Heinrich Böll Haus Langenbroich, Köln. (April-July 2009)


Reading Poems:  

                1990: Quezon City, Filipina (1990).
1995: Den Haag, The Netherlands.
2000: University of Western Australia, Perth, (Australia), Curtin University, Perth, Australia, University of Melbourne, Melbourne (Australia), Monash University Clayton, (Australia), La Trobe University, Victoria, (Australia), University of Sydney, Sydney, (Australia), University of Tasmania, Launceston, (Australia), The Striling Arms, Perth, (Australia), La Mama Theatre, Melbourne, (Australia), The Night Cat, Sir Raymond Ferral Centre, Launceston, (Australia) ;
2001: Asia Japan Women’s Resources Center, Tokyo (Japan);
2002: University of  New South Wales, Canberra, Academy Defence  Force of University of New South Wales, Canberra, (Australia), Den Haag, (Belanda), Universität Bonn (Jerman), dan Universität Hamburg (Jerman); 2003: Berlin, Universität Bonn, Paris, Universität Hamburg;
2003: Frankfurt,  Athens and Corfu (Greece).  
2004: Charles Darwin University (Australia), NT Museum & Art Galerry, Darwin (Australia).
2007: TUK International Bienalle Festival, Borobudur Magelang (Central Java), Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (Bali).
2009: Dubai (UEA); Berlin, Koln, the UK.    

All poems in this website translated by Harry Aveling.
Harry Aveling was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1942. He holds the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, in Malay Studies, from the National University of Singapore, and Doctor of Creative Arts, in Writing, from the University of Technology, Sydney. He has served as Dean of the School of Humanities, Murdoch University, Western Australia. Currently he teaches in the Department of Asian Studies at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, and is also Adjunct Professor of Southeast Asian Literature at Ohio University. He has translated extensively from Malay and Indonesian Literature. In 1991 he was awarded the Anugerah Pengembangan Sastera by the Federation of Malay Writers Associations for his contribution to the international recognition of Malay literature. He is the editor of the major bilingual anthology Secrets Need Words: Indonesian Poetry 1966-1998 (Ohio University Press, Athens 2001), published in Indonesia as Rahasia Membutuhkan Kata: Puisi Indonesia 1966-1998 (IndonesiaTera, Magelang 2003).


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